Mr. 107: Be Prepared for the Unexpected!

For your holiday weekend enlightenment (courtesy of Jaco) and entertainment (courtesy of Nino’s antics) 😎, this first offering was recorded yesterday July 4th as Juan is on a tour boat which we think is off the Canadian/Alaskan coast. Retired Navy Seal Michael Jaco is the host. He is a sensible host who adds some merit to this podcast.

Here are a few of our bullet points as, among other topics, Mr. 107 comments on:

  • French Prime Minister Macron and his partner—another Big Mike?” We never heard of that before now.
  • How the RINO factions are playing games in some states.
  • We think Mr. 107 is referring to Missouri, and perhaps other states because recall how we blogged about our friends, Joe and Chrissy, as they were delegates to that state’s Republican Convention, and they told us about some dirty tricks being played by the RINOs at their state convention.
  • Here is a report of what is going on there at this point. From the Gateway Pundit: RINOs in the Missouri GOP are attempting to remove the pro-Trump delegates elected at the state convention in May.”
  • How Nancy Pelosi was prevented from becoming president
  • Why Kamala cannot be president
  • Ukrainian bioweapons/genetic weapons aimed at Slavic people of Russia.
  • And wow! — Host Michael Jaco brings out the ancient Canaanite” control in the world. Jaco describes what happened to Ohio Congressman James Traficant in the 1970s—I remember it well as I was still in my native state at that time—and how Jim Traficant was exposing the Canaanites behind the Fed, was railroaded into prison for years; then when he was released he continued exposing the modern Canaanites, and within days was dead!

(Screen grab of Rep. Traficant-for Fair Use and Comment)

  • And how Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is now doing the same thing. As we wrote in our previous blog, he introduced a bill to abolish the Fed, and then his wife died mysteriously,” said Jaco, And Juan, what do you think?”
  • Juan is delicate (as usual) in answering, but read between the lines of Juan’s analogy to the existence of the cabal/Canaanites.
  • More on the current Brunson brothers activities vis a vis the SCOTUS. Plus the powerful impact the previous campaign of letters (I sent one.) to the SCOTUS has been behind the scenes vis a vis Nancy’s scheme to become la Presidente.
  • Will our presidential election be delayed? Juan: Be prepared for one or two weeks” of disruption as the white hats clean out some snakes.

This podcast runs 1:30:11. Here is the link. We enjoyed every minute of this. Remember, we cannot expect Juan to be divulging classified information and give us the latest” true intelligence. Not possible. Thus, as Q did, he talks all around a given topic without breaking the law.

On the day before the Jaco-Juan interview, Juan had this exchange with our beloved” little boy, Nino. See below for Nino’s dumbest question ever!

JUAN O SAVIN-Biden goes down WHAT THEN?

QUOTE: Breaking News Biden RESIGNS Next Week? Chaos ensues. The Challenges will be coming. … Can this Country AFFORD this dysfunction? A part of this is so good that as of right now.. it is the Best speculation of what is going to happen. … END QUOTE

Nino’s stupidest question ever: Well, hold on, Juan. Do you think the RNC [Republican National Committee] will try to pick another nominee since they don’t want somebody running that is a convicted felon?”

Are you kidding me, Nino!? With Trump’s daughter-in-law as Co-chair of the RNC, and Michael Whatley the other Co-chair!! Mr. Whatley is the immediately previous Chair of our North Carolina Republican Party.

And Nino is asking if the RNC will try to move Trump out and find some other person to be the Republican nominee! Nino’s ignorance only goes so far; then we have to attribute it to downright stupidity!

I have met Michael Whatley on two occasions, one in a small group of about 30 people at a campaign meet n’ greet. The other was here at our Henderson County Republican Convention in March 2023. He might recognize my face as someone he’s met before, but that’s about it. Here is a photo I took of him addressing our March 23 Convention.

Anyhow, my impressions of him in person, and since then when seeing him on TV as RNC Co-chair, is that he is a good man, a superior leader and administrator, practical but not a RINO, and he and Lara are doing an excellent job at the helm of the RNC.

C’mon, Nino, do you think DJT would have asked Whatley to co-chair the RNC with Lara Trump if Whatley were a RINO? DJT has better vetting processes than that for such a key position in his campaign to recapture the White House.

Nino, it is better to be silent and let people wonder about your intelligence than to open your mouth and thereby display your stupidity for everyone to see. Ugh! (There is some sarcasm in my descriptions of Nino. I am not seriously upset; just mildly amused by Nino’s inane antics.)

In any case, it is worthwhile to wade through the little boy’s missteps to get to Juan’s wise assessments. It runs only 25:11 because Nino had to break it off for his next podcast guest. You’ll grin as you hear what his next guest’s topic was. I did not watch it. Here is the link.


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