Heard of Schedule F? You’re going to love it!

No, we’re not talking about an IRS form. Rather, think of Schedule F as in Flush the swamp! Or as in Fire the Deep State! Donald J. Trump will address it in a speech tomorrow.

Schedule F first came to our attention only about three weeks ago in a column by Jeffrey A. Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute. Mr. Tucker wrote (all emphases mine):

QUOTE: Two weeks before the 2020 general election, on October 21, 2020, Donald Trump issued an executive order (E.O. 13957) on Creating Schedule F in the Excepted Service.”

It sounds boring. Actually, it would have fundamentally changed, in the best possible way, the entire functioning of the administrative bureaucracy that rules this country in a way that bypasses both the legislative and judicial process, and has ruined the checks and balances inherent in the US Constitution. END QUOTE

We have stated before in these posts, that this author (yours truly) was red-pilled 20-plus years before the term even entered our vocabulary from The Matrix in 1999. For it was in the period of 1977-1980 that I was laboring full-time, teaching about the proper role of government, and showing how our government had already then long been subverted by men who had crept in unawares” (Jude 4).

To prove the point to my listeners back then, we made available to them a number of books, which I still have in my library. I pulled a few off my shelf this afternoon.

One, published in 1973, was called The Business End of Government by Dan Smoot. It was particularly popular with patriotic businessmen whom I called upon (such as the one who asked me Who is John Galt?” if you recall my story about that incident in one or more of my lectures).

Popular because Smoot provided an in-depth look at how federal bureaucrats were destroying businesses with their suffocating regulations. Another book was called The Red Web by Blair Coán, which detailed the communist infiltration and subversion into various federal departments as far back as the 1920s. It has continued unabated ever since!

Yet another was called The Web of Subversion by James Burnham, 1954. Still another, While You Slept, by John Flynn, 1951. (No relation to Gen. Mike Flynn, so far as we can determine.) All these, and more which we won’t mention, dealt with proving the massive infiltration and subversion of our federal bureaucracies by the Reds, now more than a century ago!

This is why President Trump has often asserted that the swamp is deep and wide, perhaps much deeper than even he realized before he took office in 2017, thinks Jeffrey Tucker. On the other hand, we think he knew, having been fully briefed by the White Hats of the military who had kept tabs on such things for decades.

Just a few days ago, the Leftist Axios News came out with a lengthy article detailing (weeping and wailing) what Schedule F will do to the federal bureaucracy if Trump should be re-elected in 2024. It will decimate it! Welcome to the fall of Mystery Babylon, now in progress in a Promised Land near U…SA.

As Jeffrey Tucker stated in same piece noted above. QUOTE: How many federal workers in agencies would have been newly classified at Schedule F? We do not know because only one completed the review before their jobs were saved by the election result.

The one that did was the Congressional Budget Office. Its conclusion: fully 88% of employees would have been newly classified as Schedule F, thus allowing the president to terminate their employment.

This would have been a revolutionary change, a complete remake of Washington, DC, and all politics as usual.

Trump’s EO 13957 was a dagger aimed directly at the heart of the beast. It might have worked. [Careful, Mr. Tucker, you’re almost getting biblical there! …just teasing, good for you; and you are exactly right!]

It would have gotten us closer to the restoration of a Constitutional system of government in which we have 3 — not 4 — branches of government that are wholly controlled by the people’s representatives. It would have gone a long way toward gutting the administrative state of its power and returning the affairs of state to the people’s control.

The action was stopped dead due to the election results. END QUOTE

And from there, Mr. Tucker appears to lose hope, bemoaning what could have been. We, on the other hand, find this is astounding news—and points out that Trump and his White Hats had been methodically planning for its implementation in the future, as opposed to his first term—after the American people had been sufficiently awakened to the horrors of tyranny via the Biden regime.

This past Saturday, Breitbart News let it be known Former President Donald Trump, at Turning Point USAs Student Action Summit, will speak about his schedule F executive order… That’s tomorrow (Tuesday, July 26th). Let’s see if the Babylonian Media (the BM) continue with the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!

To assure that our readers have the links, here are the full URLs.

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