Summer Camp in Idaho for the Cabalista-Mystery Babylonians

The World Economic Forum [WEF] meets annually in Davos, Switzerland to conspire and plan your bleak future…AND many of the same crowd also meet in Sun Valley, Idaho!

This just in from Joe, our eagle-eyed observer up in Virginia, who two days ago spotted an important article in a conservative newspaper in Idaho. Joe wrote, QUOTE:

Averell Harriman. I re-learned about him in the MBSK [Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom] series. Lo and behold, look whose name pops up in this article about Sun Valley, Idaho (including a picture [of Harriman] with Churchill and Stalin).

I’m so grateful for your instruction. Once one understands the names of people who have been part of Mystery Babylon throughout history, it becomes much easier to see who is a part of it today. END QUOTE

The news analysis article is entitled QUOTE: Idaho’s Davos: Big-Tech Billionaires, Intelligence Operatives & Media Moguls Invade Sun Valley To Decide Our Future In Shady Back-Room Summit

You’ve heard of the World Economic Forum, But Have You Heard of The Sun Valley Conference?

[Ketchum-Sun Valley, Idaho (marked by the red balloon)]

(Sun Valley, Idaho) — By now you’ve probably heard of the World Economic Forum, which is a massive summit of all of the worlds oligarchs, media moguls, heads of state, vaccine pushers and dystopian totalitarian futurists… But have you heard of Sun Valley, Idaho? …

Past attendees of the Sun Valley Conference include George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Tony Blair, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, Jared Kushner and other nefarious billionaries.” [sic]

This years list of invitees includes: … END QUOTE

Here is the link to the complete article with the list of invitees, photos, charts, etc.


July 13, 2023

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