Mt. Rushmore Bible Conference Confirmed

(That’s my nickname for it; Steve may choose to call it something else.) After conferring with Dr. Stephen Jones regarding the upcoming Tabernacles Conference, which we are jointly sponsoring—with GKM taking the lead this time—here is what we can share at this point.

We know that many of you are just as excited as we are to have the first Conference since our SKM-GKM Conference at the Chateau-on-the-Lake Conference in Branson, Missouri in October 2019—and then the Covid fiasco happened. Steve now has signed a contract with the venue. Here are the confirmed details.

The dates: the second weekend in October: October 12-16. The actual Conference will commence Friday morning and conclude Sunday afternoon/evening. But as with most of the Conferences sponsored by God’s Kingdom Ministries and Stone Kingdom Ministries, many of us arrive on Thursday evening and check out on Monday morning.

The venue: The Hilton Garden Inn in Rapid City, South Dakota. The room rate is $104/night plus taxes. The cut-off date to make a room reservation at that price is August 29th. After that, it is at the Hilton’s discretion to continue to honor the price, which they are likely to do as long as rooms are available—but don’t complain if you missed it.

So, we encourage you to make your reservation ASAP. Time is growing short already. Telephone their personal reservation line at 605-791-9034 on Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mountain Time, or leave message for a call back.

Here is a link to the Garden Inn website for you to peruse the gallery. We will probably have a separate link for reservation purposes soon.

Food: There is a restaurant on the premises and numerous others within short driving distance.

Invited Teachers: At this point, only Steve and myself are confirmed. Steve will contact others soon to extend the invitations.

We understand that Mt. Rushmore is about a 30-minute drive from the Garden” Inn. I have never seen it and so I plan to make time for it, even if I have to tack on an extra day to my itinerary.

We shall keep everyone updated via blogs on both our Mighty Network (MN) platform, and we will post those blogs pertinent to the Conference on our main website also. We look forward to a great spiritual family reunion” in mid-October!


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