Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes eviscerates British TV news hosts with Truth bombs!

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is an American expatriate living in Great Britain and is an activist in Republicans Overseas. She was part of Trump’s Transition Team.

This short (less than 10 minutes) interview is one of THE best we have ever seen since the coup by the deep state in 2020. BOOM! Clearly, Don, Jr. and his dad think so, too. Here is a screen shot of a Trump Truth post just a few days ago:

Trump’s endorsement of her interview is HUGE! In our view it signifies that there are very few chess moves left available for the cabal to play.

Here are a few pull-quotes of Dr. H-H from her interview with the dimwit hosts (who are comparable to the dimwits on CNN, MSNBC, etc.). All emphases and comments in [brackets] are ours.

Biden is the legitimate president but he is the president of what is now a bankrupt 1871 U. S. Corporation.”

I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense and they’ve got the goods. And Trump knew if he presented the evidence early, of the goods early on, we’d have a Civil War and he felt that the people had to see how bad it could really get.”

Think about the fact that our military, our Department of Defense, Space Force… if you think that they don’t have the actual real results from the election, then you’re fooling yourself…”

What he [DJT] has really done is to set up the deep state to come out, and that’s why we’re seeing all these things…the whistleblowers…”

You know, they made fun of him and they assumed he broke protocol and walked in front of the queen…”

And Dr. H-H goes on to explain what the optics really signified vis à vis the U.S. as a corporate entity subservient to Great Britain. Trump said he was ending it and we are going back to being a republic [not a democracy, not a corporation]. BOOM!

Here is the link to the interview.

The cabal and their minions in the deep state must be wetting their pants out of fear for what this portends for them. BOOM!

For more about this interview, see this article:

Here’s Why Trump Has Waited SO LONG To Play The Trump Card

Here is another. This links to a story in yesterday’s Gateway Pundit, entitled:

Pres. Trump Amplifies Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes’ Claims in Truth Social Post — Suggests Space Force Has Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud: Trump Knew if He Presented Any of the Goods Early On, We’d Have a CIVIL WAR

Please help spread this interview far and wide!


August 8, 2023

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