Mask up!”—four years after the edict of the eminent Dr. Fauci

I had a sad experience with a teen girl at one of our local supermarkets today. I had picked up eight or ten items and headed for one of the check-out counters which still has human beings.

I eschew the self-check-outs. Call me old-fashioned but I still enjoy meeting new people. I have discovered it’s really hard to have a conversation with a robotic self-checkout cashier. (But, I know, give it time and the machines will seem just like human beings!).

Back to the story. The 16-19 year-old cashier girl was masked, as were two of eight other checkout kids, but no managers were masked. They all appeared to be over 40.

Chatting with her for a minute or two (it was difficult to understand her talking through her mask) led me to believe that she did not have a cold, or the flu, or any other kind of respiratory sickness.

I was tempted to engage her in a conversation, that in my mind in the next 30 seconds, might have gone something like this?

ME: Are you ill, miss?

SHE: No.

ME: Then why in the world are you wearing a mask? Don’t you know that breathing your own carbon dioxide back into your body instead of oxygen will make you sick?!

But as I was pondering whether to engage or not, she suddenly stopped ringing up my items, and had to page a manager to come over and correct an error she evidently had made.

It’s not like the old days when cashiers had to actually punch in the keys to charge the correct price for an item. This was simply scanning my grocery items.

As I looked at her and she was waiting for a manager to hear her page for help, she explained to me with an apologetic, sad, and sheepish look on her face (actually discerned mostly from her eyes ), That’s the fourth time today that I have double-scanned an item.”

I said within myself, Brain fog; case closed.” I decided it was better to let the poor girl alone. Plus, if I had carried out my remarks as stated above, it probably would have come across as berating, mean, condescending, and would have really hurt her feelings. I certainly didn’t want to do that! Glad I zipped it.

As I go about town, I notice a (to me) shocking number of people still wearing masks—including people driving in their cars alone, or jogging, or bicycling in the fresh outdoor air! What does this tell us?

Among other things, it is a measure of the success of the mass psychology (i.e., mind control, psy op) experiment that began with the Covid plandemic in early 2020.

Here it is, January of 2024, coming up on four years since the Faustian / Faucian-advised edicts, and my own unscientific and ballpark estimate is that from five to ten percent of people I see in my area of the nation are still under the mind control of the cabal in that regard.

Unfortunately, it is without a doubt, symptomatic of their susceptibility to the mind control in many other areas of their lives. It is utterly Orwellian!

I am curious to hear from our Mighty Network audience in the comment section what you are observing in your area. Please share.


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