Miki Klann serves notice to Maricopa Board of Supervisors who RUN after being served

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Some of my bullet points:

  • Is this how and why the masks suddenly came off?
  • Winning is contagious!
  • How our rulers” oaths of office are not legitimate; they’re working for foreign corporations; i.e., the United States, Inc. We first learned about the de jure vs. de facto governments back in the 1980s. Ms. Klann and many others across the nation who are following her example are now putting this knowledge to work in reclaiming our Republic. Praise Yahweh!
  • None of their (Maricopa Supervisors’) bonds were legitimate
  • Lawyers are all working for the Crown (i.e., Rothschild-controlled Great Britain).

We had a very dear friend and his wife who were members of our SKF-TN for many years. Our friendship began back in the mid-1980s when we met at a patriot conference in Florida. Phil (not his real name) had been an attorney and had made buckets of money.

He and his wife gave it all up when they gave their lives to Christ. A few years ago, and shortly before Phil passed away, we at our SKF-TN were discussing (off recording) about the Crown’s control over America via the 1871 usurpation and establishment of the U.S., Inc.

Phil shared with us his deep regret in not being aware until some years before his passing when he learned that being a member of any bar association in the U.S. made him subservient to the Crown.

As he told of how he learned of it, and of his deep remorse in having been part of it, he choked up and wept sorrowfully. We consoled him by assuring him that we have all been blinded under our captivity to Mystery Babylon, and reassuring him that our Father is the great forgiver.

  • Miki explains how she and her cohorts had to learn common law and trust law. How they” kept us stupid by only teaching us maritime law, aka admiralty jurisdiction. (N. B. The gold fringe around the flag signifies that one is in admiralty jurisdiction, which is the law of the sea, not the law of the land. We have discussed all this in our Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series.)
  • Miki says a republic as a form of government is anathema to the devil(s). She is correct!

I (JWB) was invited to speak to our neighboring county’s GOP monthly meeting in February. I spoke on republics vs. democracies. Perhaps I will share it with you in a blog soon; it’s short.

  • Aftermath of the Civil War—1871, our nation came under the control of the Crown in Great Britain. Our federal government was converted into a corporation in lieu of a republic. All states likewise capitulated. The republics were vacated,” BUT they are still in existence, but have been dormant—until Trump came in and restored the Republic. Not yet commonly known, but it will be.
  • The above is just the first 15 or 20 minutes!
  • This is an extraordinarily informative and encouraging presentation by Ms. Klann. Please watch this and share widely. And then, for those who can make the time, let’s get to work.

Here is the introduction from the website (Ninoscorner.tv). Yeah, sorry bout that. Our regular readers know what to expect—sigh! Nino is…well, Nino is Nino.


Courage is contagious folks.. Miki Klann gives Ninoscorner.tv an exclusive interview on what exactly went down with the Maricopa Board of Supervisors.. THEY WERE SERVED AND RAN OUT OF THE BUILDING!! Here is a statement from Miki Klann :

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We the People just witnessed as the entire Board of Supervisors in Maricopa county run out of the room and vacated their post! And we served them anyway!! We, the body sovereign presented them each with a notice of liability and opportunity to cure. The fine is $1.75 million per claim and there are 12 signatures which means they are each personally liable for $21 million. If they do not resign in 3 days they will be presented with a Writ of Quo Warranto and a Waiver of Tort. If they do not rebut these truths and they remain in office we will send them a default judgment and a final bill for payment. We will also be notifying the military and their act of treason will be grounds for an immediate military tribunal. -Miki Klann


We are very grateful to our good friend and correspondent in Arkansas who alerted us to this action and sent us the link. Here it is. It runs 1:09:19. Enjoy! Be informed and be emboldened!


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