Alina Habba — We are witnessing election interference at the highest level.

We are glad that Trump has keen, top-tier professionals such as Alina Habba assisting him through the lawfare” attempts to destroy him …and to destroy all of us. Here is Dave Episode’s” description of his interview with Alina last week.

QUOTE: Alina Habba is the General Counsel and Legal Spokesperson for Save America, she is President Trump’s attorney. The conversation begins with Alina explaining how she became Trump’s attorney. Alina then moves into discussing the trials, how they were predetermined and no matter how much proof she had it wasn’t going to change the outcome of the trial. The system is broken and we are witnessing election interference. Biden is going after his political opponent. But in the end we will win. END QUOTE

This is only about a half-hour long. Here’s the link.


March 19, 2024

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